Beauty = Booty?

In a day and age where Ayesha Curry gets dragged for saying she prefers to be covered up, it’s clear to say that women are overly sexualized. Videos, social media, and everyday common interactions have shaped society’s idea of beauty. Beauty today comes in the form of a waist trainer and a Brazilian Butt Lift. The unnatural booties and manmade curves of we see on celebrities has shifted our minds to believe that all that is what is needed to be beautiful. Now I don’t have money for all that shit so I had to come up with something else.

Okay, I am (half-way) kidding! In all seriousness, beauty is a concept hard to grasp at any age. It’s something I struggle with at times and I am sure that many other women do as well. I do however, know one thing…


(*Insert Hating A** Comments Here*)

Not only did I say it, I believe it.

Now I could just spend the rest of this post regurgitating the below clichés and telling you that you are beautiful no matter what but nah. That is not true. Me telling you that you are beautiful isn’t enough, You have to believe it too!

“Beauty is in The Eye of The Beholder”

Well duh, everyone has their own opinions on what is appealing to them. Whenever I would hear this I would think, “Well, I wonder who thinks I am beautiful?” But throughout my experiences, I figured out that it wasn’t about what someone else thought. It became more and more apparent that it was about me.

I have always been the girl that wasn’t ugly, but wasn’t gorgeous. Wasn’t fat, but definitely wasn’t skinny. I sat in this limbo of what kind of young woman I was for a long time. I was looking for the label. I was looking to match a definition of beauty that I had subconsciously acquired through the controlled images in the media. Once I realized that I was the beholder that this quote refers to, is when I knew I had to reshape my image of beauty.

“Beauty Comes From Within”

Have you ever had a really hard test coming up and people tell you to dress to impress. When you look good, you do good,” is what they would often say. Honestly, that could not be any truer. It’s an automatic confidence boost when you know your outfit is on point or your hair is popped. Feeling put together makes you feel good. That positivity transfers into your performance. I believe it is the same when it comes to beauty. Just follow me, I swear I’m going somewhere with this. J

Once I accepted my flaws, I decided to focus my energy on bettering myself rather than tearing myself down. I began to think about what I thought was beautiful. A beautiful woman to me is one who is educated, spiritual, pretty and confident. Especially confident! *Cues Confident by Demi Lovato*

So I began to focus on being that woman. If I wanted to be educated, I needed to read more. If I wanted to be more spiritual, I needed to build my relationship with the Lord. If I wanted to feel pretty, I needed to dress well, do new things with my hair, learn to do makeup ect. If I wanted to BE confident and not fake it, I had to be PROUD of who I was.

I am on a never ending journey to becoming a better person, a better woman at that. I honestly believe that is what makes me beautiful. I accept my flaws, I know my strengths, and I work to be better every day.

So what is beauty? Who defines who is beautiful?

Only you can answer that.



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Just a St. Lunatic turned Brooklynite who is obsessed with coffee, afros, and making young women feel invincible.

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