Progress in Prayer #BlessUp

I was in the process of writing a post about Tinder (don’t worry, it is still coming) but I felt compelled to talk about something else. Prayer.

*0-100…I know*

Let me start this off by saying, in no way am I trying to shove my faith down your throat. I am down for whatever works for you. I just want to share my story because chiiiiilleeeeeeeeeee, the devil has been busy and I am not going for it.

I am not perfect

My God has never asked me to be and I never will be. That is okay. 

One of the main reasons I started this blog was to have an outlet to share all the things that I am learning. Well, the power of prayer is one of those things.

Lots of people, especially my age and younger look at God as a genie. They pray for things the same way kids send in a list to Santa every year. This past year has been incredibly challenging, but I began to change my outlook on prayer.

I decided to become more thankful in my prayers. As opposed to saying, “Lord, can I have this job?” or “Lord, can I please get this?” or “I know we don’t talk much, but can I please get this new car,” I began to do the opposite.

I replaced my wants and wishes with thanks and gratitude. Once I began to do this, things began to move in my life.

Instead of saying, “Lord, please let me get this job,” I replaced it with “Thank you for this opportunity and experience. Please let your will be done.”

I also noticed how I began to better deal with stress and anxiety. I am super Type-A and spend 85% of my time unnecessarily stressed, so this was an added bonus.

When going through hard times, it is easy to pray that they go away. It is what we KNOW will make us feel better.

Instead of asking God, “Lord, can you get me out of this situation?” try changing your focus. Replacing your negative thoughts with positive ones can make a huge difference in the way you perceive your situation.

Now, I often find myself praying “Father, thank you for this test. Thank you for trusting I am strong enough to get through this. Guide me to learn and grow from these trials.”

I am not going to lie, switching your thought process on prayer is not easy. Hard times make it easy to be negative. It is a conscious decision that has to be made and practiced.

Prayer takes practice.

By thanking Him in advance, trusting in His word, believing in His plan, and focusing on the good, I watched as change happened.

I watched myself go from unemployed to working for a company that I had been applying to for TWO years in the matter of 3 months. I witnessed the smaller blessings we get every day that I normally would have taken for granted.

Each day is a journey.

I am not going to sit here and lie like I didn’t pray for something recently because I’m sure I have. What I do know is that, though I prayed for something, I also thanked Him for something.  I prayed for more understanding than tangible material objects.

That alone is progression in prayer. So what can you do to progress in prayer?

My suggestion would be to start small. Thank God for waking you up, arriving at your destination safely, or your PAYCHECK.

There is always going to be someone praying for what you are complaining about. Remember that the next time you want to go to God with your list of wishes.

In conjunction, when things get tough pray. Pray for understanding, grace, and mercy. Pray for strength and guidance through your tough time. I guarantee He will fight the battle for you. All you gotta do is ask 🙂


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