About Mia

where communications + culture collide

As a youth, it was clear to Mia that media influenced everyone’s decisions. Born with a way with words and a genuine curiosity, Mia’s passion for people, storytelling and all things media lead her to to study Journalism at Howard University.

Now, this New York City based communications and media professional has used that passion to grow a robust career in communications and public relations in the city that never sleeps.

Her expertise ranges from building brand messaging to crafting communications for all audiences; internal, external, executive and more. She has garnered the skills to amplify brand voices and develop comprehensive communications that support a company’s long term goals.

Mia has made it her career’s mission to uplift the voice of the multicultural consumer. Driven by her passion for cultural inclusivity, Mia is the voice in the room that all brands need. She has the words that companies are looking for, but can’t quite articulate. Through her work, Mia drives to marry captivating brand content and culture through clear and concise communications.


4 thoughts on “About Mia

  1. Hey Girlie! Came across your blog on my twitter today. From one HU Alumna turned blogger to another, I just wanted to say hey. I know how excited I get when I see a comment. 🙂 We should connect.


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