We Gon’ Be Alright: 5 Things to Remember When Life Throws a Curveball

It is officially (though it doesn’t feel like it) Spring!  High school seniors are committing to colleges and participating in “promposals”,  while college seniors are holding on to the last single “you know what” to give. (You soon to be collge grads might want to check out 6 Tips To Survive The (Post) Grad Struggle). Engagements, weddings, and babies are flooding my Facebook timeline meaning that tons of folks are in the midst of a lot of…..

Change and Transition

Life is tossing new milestones in the form of diplomas, marriages, and children around right now. As amazing as these can be, it does not make them easy to adjust and adapt to. People tend to reject the unfamiliar and fight against change as if it can be stopped without realizing its true value and power. Change is inevitable to your journey and the overall story of your life. Though not all change is good, all life changes teach valuable lessons that test your strength, character, and faith. When major things start to happen in your life, your focus can tend to lean towards the negative end of the spectrum. Currently, I am going through some new life changes and amazing milestones. Like all my life lessons, I wanted to shared what’s helped me on my new journey. Here are a few ways to accept, go through, and grow through major life changes.

  1. Let it hit you
    • Change is often quickly rejected. We love to feel comfortable and secure in our lives, so when things get turned upside down we don’t know to react. Major life change can be scary so we ignore it. We refuse to accept it, prepare for it, or acknowledge it. Do yourself a favor and EMBRACE it. Understand that even though it is new (and possibly scary) it is coming whether you are ready or not.
  2. Address your initial negative thoughts
    • Initially your mind is probably going to freak you out. Over thinking and over analyzing all the possible thing that could go wrong. Let your mind go there, but don’t dwell on those thoughts for too long. That’s just your fear talking. Address those negative thoughts and understand that’s they are normal but focusing on negative things attract more negative things.
  3. List the potential benefits
    • Change = progression. When you go through life changes, you are put in tough situations. Those are situations that show you are tough, strong and powerful you really are. Those are the situations we should want to go through. Of course, we aren’t always handed great life changing decisions to adapt to, but by remembering that even through those you will become a better person can offer some solace.
  4. Give wiggle room
    • Changing and transitioning is already hard enough, so go with the flow. When I first got to NY, I was beating myself up for everything not happening right away. I had to give myself time to figure out my new commute, make time to talk to my family, make time to blog, and no when to NOT go out. Expecting things to be perfect right away is a sure fire way to add stress to your life. Stay present in the moment and watch your reactions. Things will get easier and you will have a new normal soon enough.
  5. Remember it will happen again
    • I think the best tidbit I can give is, “Life is a journey.” We are not meant to stay the same person throughout our lives. It is expected and required that we grow. Change is the only constant we can rely on. It is inevitable. Regardless, it’s important we remember, be it good or bad, things will flip upside down again soon enough. That is life. Always remember:

“If God got us we then gon’ be alright” – Kendrick Lamar





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